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30 Contoh Kalimat Present Tense dan Present Continuous Tense

Present Tense

1.      The sun rises from the east
2.      I usually go jogging every Sunday
3.      The sky is blue
4.      We eat using our mouth
5.      Tina always plays badminton every Sunday
6.      I go to the campus by motorcycle
7.      I cook rice in the kitchen
8.      She lives in a small house in front of my house
9.      He usually wears a black tie
10.  We usually greet the teachers if we meet them
11.  John Key and Shania twain always go fishing every week
12.  I always wake up early in the morning
13.  I take a bath at 6 a.m
14.  I have breakfast at 6 o’clock
15.  I go to campus after breakfast
16.  The lesson starts at 7.30 a.m
17.  I go home at 2 p.m
18.  I often play badminton in the afternoon
19.  I always study after watching tv in the evening
20.  I have dinner with my family
21.  I like to watch Pesbukers at antv every night
22.  I never go to bed before 10 p.m
23.  Cats are mammals
24.  Tiger are carnivore
25.  Ricardo Kaka goes to church on Sunday
26.  The ping can’t look up
27.  I wort at the office
28.  I have lunch after school
29.  My brother does not play basketball
30.  We don’t speak French

Present Continuous Tense

1.      I am eating same cake
2.      I am dringking a cup of coffee
3.      I am reading a book
4.      I am walking alone
5.      I am waiting for someone
6.      I am writing now
7.      I am driving a car to Makassar
8.      I am washing the dishes
9.      I am listening to the radio
10.  He is talking to someone
11.  He is clening the house now
12.  She is loughing
13.  They are running under the rain
14.  They are smooking in the backyard
15.  They are celebrating the victory
16.  They are talking about you
17.  We are working hard today
18.  We are meeting
19.  We are painting the house
20.  Someone is taking the umbrella
21.  The maid is brushing the bathroom floor
22.  The bird is singing
23.  The girl is dancing
24.  Benny is flying a kite
25.  My mother is cooking
26.  Susan is watering the flowers
27.  Rini is eating a mango
28.  David is looking for job
29.  Rena is sleeping
30.  Agnes is falling down

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